Clear Plastic Boxes
Clear Plastic Boxes come with gold or silver cardboard inserts for the bottom of the box.  Smaller boxes are priced without inserts.  If you'd like to choose which color insert you'd like to receive with your clear plastic box order, please click on the image to read more details.  Gold insert is the automatic choice if you click on Add to Cart button. 

The clear plastic boxes shown here are usually IN STOCK and can ship out with 1-3 working days of placing your order online.  There are occasions during our busy season, that inventory is low for some popular sizes.  Additional time is required to fulfill orders.   Every effort is made to update this website with current inventory levels.   You will be advised by email and telephone as to the status of your order once we receive it.

Wholesale clear plastic boxes are available to retailers looking to package products for resale. If you find clear plastic boxes here that you'd like to use for your business, please apply with our Wholesale application. If you don't find the size you need, please ask for a custom-made box price quotation for 1-piece folding clear plastic boxes 1,000 unit minimum order. Two-piece, lid and tray setup clear plastic boxes have a 200 unit minimum order. Please contact us by email.